From Chinese antiquities to American paintings, toys and mechanical banks to scrimshaw, the collections of Max N. Berry, here relaxing in Nantucket, are legend and, in some instances, unsurpassed.

Magic Max: His Charmed Life Aside, Passion And Persistence Explain The Success Of Collector Max N. Berry

NANTUCKET, MASS. — Max N. Berry, the Washington DC lawyer and patron of the arts, is a brilliant storyteller of the old school. At 78, having lived a rich and eventful life, he simply has more to say than most people. His meandering tales spool out in a leisurely fashion and, having reached their subtle denouement, reveal a man wise in the ways of power but appreciative of others, essential traits for a consummate dealmaker. Some collectors care nothing of beauty and relish only the deal. Others are drawn to beauty but know nothing of history. A few — having no deep engagement with beauty, history or the art of the deal — delegate their collecting to advisors. We venerate collectors too much, on the whole. After all, what is inherently noble about acquisition? But if material culture is appreciated as the aggregate expression of a people in the artifacts they make and use, then collecting, as practiced by Berry, is intellect and imagination made palpable through objects. ... Read more

From Chinese antiquities to American paintings, toys and mechanical banks to scrimshaw, the collections of Max N. Berry, here relaxing in Nantucket, are legend and, in some instances, unsurpassed.

Antiques Shows

Palm Beach Show Group Debuts In New York With Signature Style

The Palm Beach Show Group, whose expanding empire now reaches from coast to coast, infused its newest event — the New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show — with its recognizable blend of glamour and luxury. Known for its leave-no-stone-unturned approach t... Read more

Springfield Extravaganza Fills Ohio Fairgrounds

Clark County Fairgrounds was filled to overflowing with more than 2,500 exhibitors on the weekend of September 19–21 for the Springfield Antiques Show and Flea Market Extravaganza. Managed by Steve and Barbara Jenkins, the show has been continuin... Read more

Trade News

London’s National Gallery Explores Rembrandt’s Final Years Of Painting

The National Gallery will present “Rembrandt: The Late Works,” an in-depth exploration of Rembrandt’s final years of painting, October 15–January 18. Far from diminishing as he aged, Rembrandt’s creativity g... Read more

Bard Graduate Focus Gallery Presents ‘Visualizing 19th Century New York’

Nineteenth Century New York City was a visual experience — a spectacle for resident and visitor alike. “Visualizing 19th Century New York,” on view at the Bard Graduate Center Focus Gallery through January 11, examines how New York’... Read more

On October 19, Tour Historic Homes & Macculloch Hall

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum will offer its second biennial historic house tour on October 19, from 11 am to 5 pm. Sponsored by Millea Bros Auctions + Appraisals, participants will be able to visit eight historic properties — seven private ho... Read more

Auction Action

Time Is Money At Christie’s, Where Clocks And Other Wunsch Property Set The Pace

American antiques were once thought of as quaint. Now, at least in New York, it is the sales themselves that seem a relic of another time, a moment before global communications, superheated BRIC economies and the 24/7 selling cycle emptied salesrooms while... Read more

Huge Crowd At The Centre Farm For Onsite John McInnis Auction

Nothing brings out the crowd like a good onsite auction, and John McInnis filled two large tents for his September 13–14 sale of the contents of Centre Farm, the home of Dr Alfred M. Donovan and his wife Maureen. More than 400 bidders signed up for the first day of the sale and even more on the second day.... Read more

Asian Arts Week Effects Felt At Fairfield Auction

The effects of New York City’s Asian Arts Week that saw a Qing dynasty vase sell for $24.7 million in Boston, establishing the watermark for the week, extended through New England, as a pair of Chinese ink wash paintings sold to a Chinese buyer... Read more

William H. Bunch Sees A Splashy $54,625 For A Chinese Fish Bowl

The great Asian art rush continued at William Bunch Auctions in Chadds Ford on Tuesday, September 23, when a Chinese porcelain fish bowl sold for a splashy $54,625. Decorated in blue and white in a graceful dragon and clouds pattern, the vessel, m... Read more

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