Monkey Door Stop Stolen From Brimfield Market

Brimfield, Mass. :An antiques dealer showing at J&J Promotions during the September edition of the Brimfield antiques markets reported the theft of a cast iron Hubley doorstop in the form of a monkey from her booth.
The dealer was at her booth in space F9 all day, but sometime between noon and 1:30 pm on Saturday, September 8, she stepped out for a minute or two to pick up an item that a gust of wind blew over. She noticed later the monkey was missing.
The monkey is depicted in a seated position and the door stop is 8 inches tall. It is in excellent condition with good paint in browns and beige, has clearly detailed eyes and is in three-part construction with a curling tail.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Brimfield Police Department at 413-245-7222.


I do not know why but i have

I do not know why but i have always loved these door stops. They are definitely so interesting to see on your floor. I just love the design of them so much. So much history also that goes with them.

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Hope that the cops get to know about the thief in some time. It is true that the number of criminal activities are increasing at a higher pace. Hopefully the police will be helpful in this case. Thefts in such public places are real wonders.
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