Bronze Statues Stolen From Madison

 MADISON, CONN. (AP) — Two bronze statues worth a combined $15,000 have disappeared from a sculpture display in Madison. Police told the New Haven Register they were notified of the theft last week by a tour guide. The works titled “Oliver” and “Small Nondescript” are part of The Sculpture Mile at Madison, a decade-old exhibit that features art created by American sculptors at various locations in town. The statues are part of a group of four bronze sculptures from New Jersey that were placed at Samson Rock, an outcropping and local landmark, last Memorial Day. Other statues are displayed on the Boston Post Road, the courtyard by Ashley’s Ice Cream, outside Stop & Shop on Samson Rock Road and at the Scranton Library. The two missing statues were under 24-hour video surveillance. They belong to the Hollycroft Foundation, which sponsors the sculpture display and curates similar outdoor sculpture exhibitions in 20 Connecticut communities. Police said they have notified junkyards and foundries to be on the lookout for the statues. The “Oliver” statue weighs about 50 pounds and is valued at $8,000, and “Small Nondescript” is about 20 pounds and worth $7,000. “The whole area is on alert for them,” said Fillmore McPherson, the town's first selectman. “We're asking if somebody has them to please return them.”


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