Vintage Posters Bring $1.6 Million

Toulouse-Lautrec’s Eldorado finished at $60,000.

NEW YORK CITY — With a full house at its new street-level gallery and a record number of Internet bidders, Poster Auctions International’s January 12 sale of rare vintage posters reached a total of $1,641,960.

The first half of the sale consisted of the Miottel Museum collection. Of particular interest were Schindeler’s Round the World, which brought $24,000, Colin’s Tumulte Noir that sold for $26,400, Zig’s Josephine Baker at $26,400, the Casablanca film poster that realized $21,600 and Mauzan’s Casa America that achieved $18,000. Also in the collection was a selection of works by Roger Broders, including his Vichy, $15,600, and Dunkerque, $14,400.

Other highlights in the sale include an offering of the ever-popular Cappiello: Continental Tire maquette, $21,600, and Pilules Pink, $12,000; Cassandre led the Art Deco charge with his Sools hat poster, $66,000; and Gotschke’s 1935 Czech racing image took $31,200.

Art Nouveau is always headed by its defining master Alphonse Mucha, most especially his Times of Day, which sold for $50,400, and his Four Arts, which went out at $60,000, as well as Toulouse-Lautrec’s Eldorado finishing at $60,000.

Prices reported include the buyer’s premium.

Poster Auctions International’s spring sale of rare posters will be conducted on Sunday, May 4, at Rennert’s Gallery. For information, or 212-787-4000.

Alphonse Mucha’s Four Arts went out at $60,000.

Mauzan’s Casa America achieved $18,000.

Among a selection of works by Roger Broders, was Vichy, which sold for $15,600.


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