Adirondack Mountains Antiques Show

INDIAN LAKE, N.Y. — “When we arrived early Thursday morning to open up our tents at our site along Route 28, the fog was so thick we could not even see the cars passing by on the road,” Jon Magoun of Magoun Bros, said. It was not long, however, before the sun burned off the fog and presented another beautiful, almost cloudless, day for the Adirondack Mountain Antiques Show.

Dealers started showing up for this annual event on Tuesday, September 17, and were still coming later in the week. Official announced days for the show were from Wednesday, the 18th, through Sunday, the 22nd, but dealers come and go based on the weather and what they think are the best days for selling. As it turned out, Friday was the day with the most cars and people and the main highway running through Indian Lake became so congested it was necessary to call out the local firefighters for traffic control.

About 65 dealers, with displays of various sizes, lined Route 28, going both east and west from the center of the community. For the most part, exhibitors rented space from homeowners, but the front yard of the elementary school was also available.

According to several of the exhibitors, there were more people out looking this year than last, but fewer buyers. And that was not for the lack of things to buy. The exhibitors came loaded with standing and walking bears, all kinds of deer mounts, countless numbers of fishing rods and reels, fishing plugs, lures and bobbins, tip-ups, early fishing badges, back issues of various hunting and fishing magazines, decoys, and many pieces of rustic furniture.

Tents were not as numerous this year, as the weather was great and rain did not appear until late Saturday, giving dealers time to pack without getting wet. One visitor mentioned that “we have been coming to this show for a good number of years, and always go home with several nice things.” The visitor added, “Everyone is so nice up here, very friendly, and it is a great place to be with all this stuff for sale.”

And the really good news is there is going to be even more next September when the Adirondack Museum moves its show from an August date to the same weekend as the show at Indian Lake. Both shows were on the same date for a long time, then for the past four years the museum moved to August, but Indian Lake continued in the fall. Now they are together again, a great benefit for the Adirondack antiques buyer, and it is expected that road vendors will once again appear in Blue Mountain Lake as they now do, and will continue to do, at Indian Lake.

According to Todd Happer, marketing director at the Adirondack Museum, their show will be on Saturday and Sunday, September 20–21, with a preview on Friday, September 19, while the Adirondack Antiques Street Show at Indian Lake will be from Wednesday, September 17, through Sunday, September 21. So it is going to be an “Adirondack packed” five days, and now is not too early to make reservations.

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