Antiques Week In New Hampshire — The Only Place To Be

New Hampshire Antiques Show

NEW HAMPSHIRE — “This is our vacation, we do it every year and just love it,” one collector from Texas said as he left the Mid*Week Antiques Show in Concord, jumped in his car and headed off for Antiques in Manchester at the JFK Coliseum, the second show to open on Wednesday, August 7. Chances are he had already been to Northeast Auctions' annual Summer Americana Auction, to Deerfield for Nan Gurley’s Americana Celebration, and was primed to complete a busy week attending both the New Hampshire Antiques Show and the Pickers Market Antiques Show.

As usual, crowds showed up, attending every event or picking and choosing, and both wallets and checkbooks seemed to be opening a lot more freely than in the past. It was a happy time for most, with visitors lining up well in advance for the shows and rushing in to find a treasure. It was the thrill of the quest, and after talking with dealer after dealer, “never was heard, a discouraging word.”

Review of the  Northeast Auction is in this issue and reviews of the five antiques shows, plus pictures of several hundred booths, will be published shortly. AND, Pickers market IS NOT moving to Monday, but remaining on Friday


Americana Celebration

Antiques in Manchester

Pickers Market

Mid*Week Antiques Show



You got that right, that is

You got that right, that is the only place to be since in recent years these shows have become so popular. People begin to realize that old items can be just as valuable or even more valuable that the new items. Take the Waterford Lismore jewelry for instance, most of their clients are passionate for items with a long history behind them, items that have a story to tell. They are so much more than simple jewelry.


I think the antique festival was the greatest of all which Hampshire has ever seen. So many of them attended the event just to know and see the antique collection our country possesses. It is really good idea and development in the field of culture preservation.
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