Stella Sells New York Shows, Announces Retirement

Irene Stella, center, announced her retirement on May 20, and the sale of The Pier Antiques Show and Antiques at The Armory to GLM. Irene is flanked by daughters Michele Oswald, left, and Jeanne Stella, who will now be among the principals in Stella Show Mgmt Co.

NEW YORK CITY — Stella Show Mgmt Co. has confirmed the rumors that have been widely circulating throughout the trade over the past several months: the sale of the Pier Antiques Show and the Antiques at the Armory Show. Making the announcement on May 20, Irene Stella communicated that the shows had been sold to GLM. Stella also announced news of her retirement and a reorganization of Stella Show Mgmt Co.

The acquisition of the two shows by GLM follows news of the firm acquiring the Miami National Antiques Show earlier this year. With the addition of the two Stella events, GLM stated that it is now the largest producer of indoor antiques shows in the United States, focused on antique, vintage and estate jewelry and watches.

Stella cut her teeth in New Jersey’s Meadowlands Stadium more than 40 years ago and soon after moved into Manhattan presenting the Pier shows. She built the venue into a cutting-edge and upscale show, and the Pier Antiques Show gained a solid reputation among dealers, collectors and Manhattanites as one of the most important buying and selling venues of its type. At one time in the 1980s, the Pier show took on the moniker “The Triple Pier,” as Stella filled three piers with antiques. Stella created huge excitement with staggered openings occurring one hour apart for each of the venues; the Classical Pier, the Americana Pier and the Twentieth Century Pier. The lines of shoppers were massive and the staggered opening caused buyers to make rapid-fire purchases as they sprinted through one pier, and then charged off to the next.

Several years ago, the show was forced from the upper pier facilities into the single ground level Pier 94 where it continues to be widely popular.

“Following the recent addition of the Miami National Antiques Show to our annual events, the acquisition of these established shows in New York further strengthens U.S. Antique Shows’ position as the world’s leading producer of indoor antique shows,” said Dan Darby, GLM vice president and U.S. Antique Shows group show director. “In our unique position, we will bring more than 50,000 consumers together with 2,400 dealers, from 22 countries, who exhibit rare merchandise and signature collections in the key US antique and jewelry markets.”

“The Pier Antiques Shows and Armory Antique Show are a natural fit for U.S. Antique Shows,” said Andrea Canady, director of business development, U.S. Antique Shows. “Producing these incredibly unique shows will allow us to develop new, more distinct and comprehensive selling opportunities for dealers, including dealers who have exhibited with U.S. Antique Shows for more than 40 years, while broadening the reach for each of these well-established events.”

The next Pier Antiques Show will be conducted November 23–24, Antiques at the Armory will take place in January. For further information, or


A Letter From Irene

Dear Antiques Dealer Friends, Clients and Press:

It is with a very real sense of gratitude and mixed emotions that we write to you to tell you that after 45 years of a great association with antiques dealers and the antiques events industry, Irene Stella wishes to retire and pursue with more attention some of her life’s other interests.

In order for her to do so, we have undertaken a reorganization of Stella Show Mgmt Co. that includes the sale of the three New York events, Antiques at the Armory and the March and November Pier Antiques Shows, to GLM.

Since good dealers and respected promoters are the heartbeat of antiques shows, and GLM (producers of the Original Miami Beach Antique Show plus other highly respected events in the US) is considered the most competent and successful in the industry, we feel we are leaving our oldest and most favored events in the best of hands. This transfer of ownership will offer great opportunity for innovation, growth and success for the shows and the dealers selling at them.

We apologize that we could not make this announcement to all of you at the March Pier show but legalities prevented us from doing so. We hope you can understand.

If you applied for the November event, we want to assure you that all requests on that application and all deposits, records and booth preferences have been carefully transferred. You will be receiving communications shortly from GLM.

Stella Show Mgmt Co. will continue to focus on more specialized lifestyle events, such as the Country Living Fairs, the Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques & Garden Fair and some other new and innovative events that are in the planning stages. The next generation of Stellas and Stella Show Mgmt Co. look forward to continuing to produce events that are new and different and honor Stella Show’s mission of producing well-organized, cleverly conceived, deftly executed events that bring together buyers and sellers as few others do.

Words can’t express the extreme admiration I have always had and still feel for the hard work, knowledge and camaraderie of antiques dealers and the love and appreciation I feel for all their faith in Stella Show events over the past 45 years and the great people, characters and amazing friendships this business brought to my life.

We wish all the dealers and GLM a great show in November and continued great sales and attendances in all the New York shows for many years to come.

 With much gratitude to all who receive this,


Irene Stella and

Jeanne Stella, Dotti and Mike Stella

and Michele Oswald, Nancy Huffman and Lynn Muckerman


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