‘Kaaterskill Clove: Where Nature Met Art’ Lecture At Zadock Pratt Museum June 1

Photo: Francis X. Driscoll

Thomas Locker (1937-2012), Kaaterskill Falls, oil on canvas.   

PRATTSVILLE, N.Y. — On Saturday, June 1, at 1 pm, Kevin Avery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art will give a lecture at the Zadock Pratt Museum to kick off an exhibit of cultural significance to the region titled “Kaaterskill Clove: Where Nature Met Art.” 

Avery’s talk will focus on original Hudson River School artists such as Thomas Cole, Asher B. Durand, Sanford Gifford and Jervis McEntee.  He will relate those artists’ renderings of Kaaterskill Clove to the literature of Washington Irving, James Fennimore Cooper and William Cullen Bryant. He will also take the opportunity to highlight Sanford Gifford’s great interest in the Zadock Pratt Tannery.

The exhibition, “Kaaterskill Clove: Where Nature Met Art” will continue through Columbus Day weekend, October 14, and features Clove artwork by contemporary painters Athena Billias, Patti Ferrara and Carol Slutzky-Tenerowicz, alongside one of the late Thomas Locker’s renderings of Kaaterskill Falls. 

The exhibit is intended to raise awareness about the importance of the Clove and the need for its preservation in the face of the environmental strain as tourists flock to its swimming holes in the summer months, leaving garbage, polluting the creek and even spray-painting graffiti across the cavernous rock walls.  

Zadock Pratt Museum representatives have reached out to other regional cultural organizations in what they hope will become a unified effort to increase awareness about the artistic, cultural, environmental and historic value of the Clove, with the ultimate goal being to submit an application to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to petition the federal government to designate Kaaterskill Clove a national landmark.

The artists Billias, Ferrara and Slutzky-Tenerowicz will speak about their experiences painting the Clove and about environmental impact issues of the TwentyFirst Century. Billias and Slutzky-Tenerowicz will speak on Saturday, September 21, at 1 pm, and Ferrara will speak on Saturday, October 12, at 1 pm.

The Zadock Pratt Museum is at Route 23, Main Street. For more information, 518-299-3395 or www.prattmuseum.com.


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