Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Gifts $1.75 Million To Denver Museum

DENVER, COLO. — The Denver Art Museum (DAM) has been awarded a $1.75 million gift from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation that will continue the transformation of the museum’s textile art department. A grant of $1.5 million in the form of a challenge to be matched one-to-one within three years will help establish a $3 million endowment to support a full-time textile conservator.

In addition to the endowed position, the grant will provide $250,000 for a fellowship in textile conservation. The fellowship will be filled after a national call for qualified candidates and will consist of advanced-level training, research and outreach.

This summer, the DAM continues its focus on textile arts with the campuswide exhibition “Spun: Adventures in Textiles.” The exhibition will take a wide-ranging look at textiles from pre-Columbian weavings to Navajo blankets to an examination of how contemporary artists are working with fabric. The museum’s newly opened and renovated textile art galleries — debuting in May — and its inaugural show “Cover Story” are at the heart of this campuswide event.

The museum is on 13th Avenue between Broadway and Bannock Streets. For more information, 720-865-5000 or


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