J. Levine Auction & Appraisal

Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:00AM
10345 N. Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ

The Arts & Treasured Estate Finds
(The Spring Auction Catalog 2013)
April 25th @ 11am
10345 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona • (480) 496-2212 • www.jlevines.com
This sale features important works of Art, as well as, the finest offerings from local and regional area estates.
More details and news updates to follow… An Omega Platinum & Diamond Cluster Bracelet Watch Georges Braque (1882-1963) Nature Morte au Poisson Edouard Leon Cortes (1882 - 1969) Parisian Street A Spinach Jade Chinese Marriage Bowl Lyonel Charles Feininger Carved Candle Stand by Valentino Panciera Besarel Emile Galle Art Glass Stick Vase The War Between the United States and Mexico Jean Dubuffet Screen Print on Silk Scroll A Regency Period Duet Music Stand Byron Galvez (1941-2009) Bronze Sculpture Jim Dine (b.1935) Mixed Media Venus Monotype Jean Jacques (James) Pradier ( 1790-1852) Atalanta Gary Grooters Ceramic Sculpture Auguste Moreau Laboureur Bronze Joan Miro (1893-1983) La Grande Ecaillère D. 1026 Fine Art & Artworks - Lyonel Charles Feininger (1871 – 1956), Edouard Leon Cortes (1882 - 1969) Parisian Street, Georges Braque (1882-1963) Nature Morte au Poisson, Jim Dine (b.1935) Mixed Media “Venus Monotype”, Joan Miro (1893-1983) La Grande Ecaillère D. 1026, Charles Gibson Pen and Ink Double Sided Drawing, Marc Chagall Signed “Sara et Abimelech” Lithograph, Alexander Calder Our Unfinished Revolution, Set of 10, Pablo Picasso Pencil Signed Typographic Print, Jean Dubuffet Screen Print on Silk Scroll, David Schluss (b.1943) Untitled, Mixed Media, Jean Jacques (James) Pradier (1790-1852) Atalanta, Gerald Laing Mixed Media Print, Photograph by Arthur Tress (b. 1940), Collection of Oils from the Estate of Pieter J L Van Veen (1875-1961), George Biddle (1885-1973) Grand Central Station, Roy Martell Mason (1886 - 1972) Bar Flies, Arthur Paunzen (Austrian, 1890) Post WWI Sketch The Decorative Arts & Furnishings – An important Robert Mac Pherson (1815-1872) Forum Romanum in Rare Format, Valentino Panciera Besarel Carved Stand, KPM Porcelain Plaque, Early 19th Century English Brass-bound Writing Box, Albert Einstein Chair -, Chinese Wooden Arm Chair, Miniature Chinese Carved Jade Dog Figural Bookends, French Barbedienne Bronze AUX GRIFFONS Candelabras, Tiffany Studios New York ACORN Lamp Shade, Period English Queen Anne Chairs, Beautiful Victorian 3-Section Bookcase, Rare 18th Century Stobwasser Snuff Box, Mid Century Daum Art Glass Sailboat Lamp, Warren Kessler Blue Opaline Cenedese Glass Lamps, Signed Freeman, Large 9’ 4” Cityscape Painting, Jean Arp (1886 - 1966) Etoile - Stamped Bronze Bronze & Sculpture - Auguste Moreau “Laboureur”, Gayle Fichtinger Pottery Bust, attrib Henry Spencer Moore (1898 - 1986) Sculpture, Gary Grooters Ceramic Sculpture, Byron Galvez (1941-2009) Bronze Sculpture, Doug Weigel (b. 1960) Sculpture, Andrew Trunfio Bronze Sculpture, Hank Murta Adams Sculpture, Frank Gasparro (1909 - 2001) Marble Sculpture, Black Modernist Sculpture, Artist Unknown, Isidore Bohheur (French, 1827-1901) Bronze, Adrien Étienne Gaudez Bronze Sculpture, 3 Bronze by Bob Parks (1948 - ) Crystal, Porcelains & Glassware - Cranberry Glass as well as Reed and Barton Epergne, Lalique Champs Elysees, Capucines, Chrysis & Baccarat Candelabra, Galle Art Glass Stick Vase, Royal Worcester 1889 Biscuit Jar, Rosenthal Versace Medusa, Van Briggle Four Seasons Vase, Herend, c.1880 Wedgwood Beatrice Brown Transferware, Meissen Hand Painted Vases, Goebel Lipizzaner Dressage Horse & Rider, Royal Dux, Kutani, Meissen, Imari, Herend & Rosenthal Versace, Large Herend Collection Silver, Clocks & Coins - Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Serving Tray, French 19th C Aristotle Stat-Ring, Los Castillo “Sterling Rose” Bracelet, Sigi Pineda Sterling Necklace, 27 Strand Coral Bead Necklace, Mikimoto 14K Gold & Pearl Brooch, A&S 14K White Gold & Jade Ring, 18kt Paraiba Tourmaline & Diamond Ring, Santo Domingo Coral & Turquoise Wrap, ‘RB’ Navajo Silver & Turquoise Bolo, Old Pawn Navajo Watch Cuff, 14k Gold & Lapis Bolo by Larry Martinez, Chinese Carved Jade Earrings, 18kt Gold Cameo, 82 Carat Citrine & Diamond Pendant, Zuni Sun Face Squash Blossom Necklace, Platinum Opal & Diamond Pendant w/Chain, Lagos Caviar 18K Sterling & Pearl Necklace, Fine Thistle 14kt Gold, Ruby & Pearl Brooch, Platinum Estate Pear Cut Diamond Cluster Ring, Fine 3 Tone Gold Mesh Continental 14kt Bracelet, David Yurman 14K Sterling & Citrine Bracelet Asian & Orientalia – Important Spinach Jade Chinese Marriage Bowl, An Impressive Chinese Cloisonné Charger on Stand, Signed Chinese Dragon Cloisonné Set, Antique Chinese Child’s Jade Bangle Bracelet, Antique Jade Beaded Necklace w/Phoenix Pendant, A Group of Estate Jade Carvings, A Chinese Ivory Ritual Wine Set,. Cloisonné & Ginbari Vases, Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue and White Floral Plate, Japanese Cloisonné Cabinet Plate, Meiji, Chinese Celadon Incised Bowl, Fine Chinese Ivory Figure, Warrior on Horse, Chinese Ivory Ritual Wine Set, An Elaborate Chinese Covered Ivory Vase, Chinese Carved Ivory Tusk, Dragon, Chinese Cloisonné Dragon Handled Vase, Jade Cicada, Chinese Celadon Incised Bowl, A Fine Chinese Ivory Figure, Warrior on Horse, An Elaborate Chinese Covered Ivory Vase, Chinese Ivory Emperor and Empress Figures, 3 Jade Elephant Figural Carvings Other Items of Interest - George Wilkins Kendall (1809-1867) and Carl Nebel (1805-1855), The War between the United States and Mexico illustrated, East African Vigango Memorial Posts, Austrian Vienna Bronze “Persian Rug Seller”, Shabino Clay Pot, Steelcraft Pressed Steel US Mail Toy Airplane, East African Vigango Memorial Posts, German Figural Ice Bucket w/Huntsman & Game, Lionel 381E Bild-A-Loco Train Locomotive, Zipps Cherri-O Tin Serving Tray, Regency Period Duet Music Stand, German Miniature Porcelain Painting, George Washington (1732-1799) Signed Document, 1967 General Moshe Dayan Six Day War Gold Medal, Antique Fireman’s Leather Helmet - Rock Falls IA, Atwater Kent Model 92 Radio, Louis Marx Fire Patrol No. 9000, Rare J. P. Coats Figural Spool Cabinet, Tafoya Oyenque Blackware Pot, A Restored Period Coca-Cola Trash Can, Zipps Cherri-O Tin Serving Tray, Antique Pima Stick Figures Basket, A Restored Period Coca-Cola Trash Can OPEN HOUSE PREVIEW WEDNESDAY APRIL 24TH, 1PM – 7PM Auction Catalog will be posted online for absentee, phone bidding as well as Live Online Web-cast bidding powered by Artfact, Auctionzip and Invaluable.com This auction will be subject to a 13% Buyers Premium (16% for internet & 15% for phone bidders) Terms: Cash, Check with Proper ID, Visa, Master Card, Discover & Paypal. Pre-approval is required for those wishing to place bids on selected fine art offerings. Contact sales office for registration requirements. uary Mantel Clock, German Silver Reticulated Bowl w/Courting Scene, Tiffany Sterling Silver Hampton Meat Platter, Judaica Sterling Silver Menorah, Alvin Vivadi Sterling 60 Pc Flatware Set, Seth Thomas Mantel Clock, 18kt Movado White Gold Dress Watch, Tudor by Rolex Ladies 14k Gold Dress Watch, Italian 18kt & Diamond Blue Guilloche Watch, Omega Platinum & Diamond Cluster Bracelet Watch, Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS Mantel Clock Estate Jewelry - Estate 2ct Diamond Solitaire Ring, Antique Georgian 15K Gold & Pearl Brooch, 18kt Gold Alexandrite & Diamond Estate Ring, 2ct Emerald & Diamond 14kt White Gold


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