Tradewinds 42nd All-Cane Live Auction

Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:00AM
Marriott Peabody Hotel
Off Route 128 at Exit 28
Peabody, MA

In celebration of starting our 21st year
of doing all-cane auctions,
Tradewinds Antiques is pleased to present
our 42nd ALL-CANE
Live Auction

Sale held at the Marriott Peabody Hotel
Just off Route 128 at exit #28, in Peabody, Mass.
at 11:00AM on Saturday April 27, 2013
(Preview is between 9:00AM and 11:00AM.)
We have gathered a wonderful array of quality pieces and will be offering over 239 lots with many rare or scarce pieces, and lots of surprises.  Included in the event are items from the collections of Dr. Lawrence Pinkner, Mr. Leo Delluchi, Dr. Byron Evans, and the esteemed Vertical Art Collection, with other additions from around the world.A 15% Buyers premium will be added to the hammer price of each lot.  Those bidding live on the internet will be subject to an 18% Buyers premium.

For carved ivory figural canes, highlights include: A great Bacchus & maiden, a masked demon, a fine horse with overlaid silver, an “L” two horses, a crook dog, a bird’s nest, a sleeping hunter, an early San Francisco cable car, a ball 1000 faces, a full lion, a full elephant, an American Indian, an ape, a crook horse, a young girl, a large greyhound, a long Japanese ivory, a Jesus memento mori, a Japanese Entertainer, a Sellasie & lion, flintlock rifles, a fist & snake, a Napoleon bust, an erotic lady, a hand with egg, an “L” 1000 faces, a superb skull, a Mephistopheles, a hunting dog with duck, a puppy on a drum, a two young lads, a super full horse, a girl withTam O’Shanter, a spaniel, a pride of lions, a corn with cob, two racing horses, a smaller greyhound, an Uncle Sam, a dragon with ball in mouth, a maiden with flowers, a full dog, a cockatoo, an “L” tiger, an eagle with horn beak, a large mermaid, a boy with silver hat, a carved snake head, and two small boys.

For decorative canes, highlights include: A large gold knob, a fine Japanese damascene, an oculist’s eye, a superb rock crystal, a niello silver crook, a snake vertebrae, a tortoiseshell veneer, a pink gold with tortoiseshell & ivory, an Unger Bothers Indian, a blond tortoiseshell, a silver basket weave, an ivory knob with 1750 & 1820 dates, a gold ball with jewels, a fine 1696 English pique, an ivory with swirl silver, a silver with blue enamel, a pretty carnelian, an inlaid 1857 coin, an “L” iv. with silver, a wonderful gold quartz knob, a silver with jade cabochon, a rhino horn ball, a silver China Trade, a long silver with dragon, a porcelain ball & stem, an Indian made diamond willow, a rose quartz with overlay, an 1882 G/F knob, a Turkish amber with turquoise, an all-horn crook, a boar’s tusk with silver, a stylized animal with silver, a faceted rose quartz & enamel, a great 17th C ivory knob, a swirl ivory & gold, a great shibayama with birds, a silver with teardrops, an “L” ivory with silver, a beautiful tau gold quartz, a pink porcelain, an 1830 staghorn, a gold with MOP panels, a small Tiffany silver, a green cloisonné, an agate cross, a 17th C. English ivory pique, an ivory knob with ebony rings, a tortoiseshell handle cane, an all gutta percha, a silver  8 sided knob, a fancy silver semi-crook, a Russian silver with turquoise, a fine hammered silver, a wood with wrapped snake, an ivory with shagreen, and a porcelain three balls.

For gadget canes, highlights include: A Russian coin purse, a great watch with gold wash, a wonderful Napoleon shadow cane, a sword with black man, a silver flask cane, a wood seat cane, a wood undertaker’s cane, a fabulous painter’s cane, a cherrot cane, a wonderful Masonic folding ball, a camera tripod cane, a tailor’s cloth measure, a long silver with Toledo sword, a crook Toledo sword, a wood monk nutcracker, a Dickinson stanhope, a flick stick, a harpoon cane, a wood articulating dog, a Masonic ceremonial sword, a theatrical faux sword, a Day’s patent percussion gun, a silver & partridgewood sword, a parrot automaton cane, a fine harmonica cane, a composition Kobi toy cane, a fabulous La Diabolique, a blond tortoiseshell sword, a horn crook sword, a silver man match safe, a cased airgun, a superb Ronson lighter cane, a short silver sword cane, a great pink gold watch cane, a map container cane, a horn dragon with ball, a rosewood & snakewood sword, a great Blackman beheading cane, a staghorn undertaker’s cane, a cigarette case cane, a cartridge cane with horn handle, a silver putter Sunday stick, an ivory Joan of Arc cane, a wood artic. St. Bernard, an ivory dagger cane, a wood artic. monkey, a silver Cossack knobkerrie, a pivoting spyglass cane, a life preserver, a wood bull coin holder, a dagger out of the ferrule, a pipe cleaner cane, a horn artic. eagle, a drinking cup, a thin malacca sword, and a bamboo fishing rod cane.

For non-ivory figural canes, highlights include: A bird of prey claw, a silver eagle with apple, a wood full lion, a staghorn turtles, a fist on snakeskin, a wood moor, a large silver eagle, an Art Nouveau silver swan, a wood full bird, a meerschaum pipe smoker, a silver eagle on bamboo, a great staghorn Jack Frost, a carve bone fox, a horn French bulldog, a staghorn merchant, a staghorn loon, an old wood shoe, a gutta percha cavalier, a porcelain lady with hat, a wood sacred monkey, a silver ball & claw, a horn hoof with tortoiseshell shoe, a staghorn resting soldier, a wood jester, a wood fox, a wonderful wood Dreyfus cane, a horn Lord Dufferin, a staghorn owl, a horn soldier, a wood bust of Beethoven, a silver crook elk, a silver crook horse, a wood dog & gator, a staghorn greyhound, a horn hoof with metal shoe, a siver crook shorebird, a white porcelain dog, a small silver horse, a horn King Tut, and a wood Canada goose.

For nautical canes, highlights include: An ivory with fluted whalebone, a sailor’s cording cane, a monkey paw on whalebone, a great narwhal with silver cap, an ivory on 8 sided whalebone, an ivory on thin whalebone, a ivory knot on fully carved whalebone, an all-baleen crook, an ivory with MOP on whalebone, an ivory fist on whalebone, a whale tooth with silver overlay, a whale ivory sailor with simple cap, a great whalebone with MOP star, an ivory knot with baleen on whalebone, an ivory two knots on whalebone, and a polished whale teeth cane.

For political, historical, & relic canes highlights include: An Antietam relic, a great folding Masonic ball, a wonderful midget’s gold cane with book, a Dickinson stanhope, an RFC propeller cane, a Masonic ceremonial sword, an End of Prohibition cane, an ivory Sellasie cane, a Napoleon bust, a Gettysburg relic, an ivory Uncle Sam, an ivory Joan of Arc, a wood Dreyfus, a horn Lord Dufferin, a horn Civil War soldier, a Beethoven bust, an ivory bell cane with stars, a horn King Tut, and a pewter Pres. Cleveland.

For folk art canes, highlights include: A European folk art with Indian maiden, a Univ..of Mich. Dental School cane, a Mexican folk art with train.

For accessories  and books, highlights are: A fine Mission Oak cane stand, a Cane Curiosa book, a Boothroyd book, a Stein book, and a brass cane holder.  

Print sale catalog, If you wish to order our very special fully-pictured catalog,
please call us at (978) 526-4085, $45.00 U.S., $50.00 outside. (MasterCard or Visa accepted).

A 15% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the hammer price of each lot.
Those bidding live on the internet will be subject to an 18% Buyer’s Premium.

Live internet bidding for this sale will be conducted through
Live Auctioneers at

Pictures and descriptions of canes to be offered are currently online at

A superb ivory cane of Bacchus and a maide
A great narwhal and silver cane
A lovely all-whalebone cane with inlay
A wonderful silver Masonic folding ball cane
A superb ivory pique cane dated 1696
A great ivory American Indian cane
A fantastic ivory full horse cane
A wonderful French pink gold watch cane
A wonderful California gold quartz cane
A fabulous all-ivory memento mori cane of Jesus Christ
A great English cased air gun cane curio
A Dudley Foster cane with related book by Barbara StaplesA fascinating silver-topped painter's cane
A very fine ivory erotic cane of a lady of the night
A very nice gold tau cane with gold quartz
A wood anti-Semitic cane of Alfred DreyfusA great black man beheading cane
A scarce Ronson cigarette lighter gadget cane
An ivory turkshead knot nautical cane on carved whalebone
A rare La Diabolique weapons cane curio




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