Morphy Doll Auction

Sat Mar 22, 2014 09:00AM
2000 North Reading Road
Denver, PA

Doll Auction
2000 N. Reading Road, Denver, PA 17517 Tel: 717-335-3435 Fax: 717- 336-7115
20% Buyer’s Premium 2% Discount Cash/Check AH001884
March 22, 2014 at 9:00 AM
Over 600 Lots
Chinas: Glass-eyed, wigged, brown-eyed, molded buns, Youth & Old Age, Sophia Smith, Young Victoria and Lydia with wood bodies, Alice, Nymphenburg, Taulfings, Schlaggenwald, Morning Glory, Grape Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln, Jenny Lind, and other rare hair styles; French Jacob Petit, Rohmers and other French poupées.
German Characters: Gebr. Heubach – very large selection of laughing and pouting dolls, googlies, all bisques, whistler, removable bonnet, “Dolly Dimple,” 5636, 6969, 7246 and others.
Kestner – 184, 247 flirty eye, 257, 260, 211, Gibson Girl.
Simon & Halbig -- IV.
Kammer & Reinhardt – 100, 101, 121, 126, 115, 115A, 114, 122, 116A, 126 117n, 201.Swaine – BP, FP, DV.
Armand Marseille – 231 “Fany,” 550, 500, 590, 996, googlies, Babies and toddlers by E. Heubach, Kley & Hahn, Koenig & Wernicke, Wislizenus, Bahr & Proschild,
Hertel, Schwab & Co., and Franz Schmidt; Averill “Bonnie Babe”.

Googlies: K & R 131; Hertel Schwab 172; Kestner all-bisque “Max & Moritz” and other all-bisque googlies; SFBJ 245; JDK 221; Heubach top-knot, winker, 9573 and others; A.M. 323, 252, 253, 200; Large selection with many multiples.

Schoenhut Toys: Circus animals, personnel, tent, accessories, parade wagon, “KoKo the Clown,”
“Maggie & Jiggs,” “Barney Google & Spark Plug,” “Mary” and lamb, “Max & Moritz,” “Happy Hooligan,” “Boob McNutt”.
Cloth: Izannah Walker, Chase, Kamkins, Presbyterian, Steiff, Alabama Baby. Lenci, Kathe Kruses, “Raggedy Ann & Andy,” “Beloved Belindy,” Alexander Dickens’ characters, “Bobby Q & Susie Q,” “Snow White,” Russian, Babyland Rag, Chad Valley, Magda Boalt.
French: Bisque and china fashion poupées; Jacob Petit china; SFBJ characters 252, 251, 230, 245, 226, 236 and SFBJ bébés; DEPs; Mignonette; Jumeau bébés, triste, mechanical, and fashions; early Steiner and Gigoteur; Bru Breveté and Bru Jne R; Barrois; Eden Bébé, Lorraine lady doll; fortune telling doll.
Kathe Kruse Dolls: Large selection including multiples of some models. Doll I, II (Schlenkerchen), Dolls V & VI “Sand Babies,” Doll VII, Doll VIII, Doll IX, Doll XII (Hampelchen).
Other Antiques: Parians, papier-mâchés, Queen Anne-type, peg wood, large church figure, Autoperipatetikos, “Jean Who Cries & Jean Who Laughs” wax boys, 3-face Bergner.
Specialty Items: “Bonzo,” Door of Hope, Black bisques, Oriental bisques, Steiff animals, Teddy Bears.
Artists: Betty Curtis, R. John Wright, Judy Brown “Hitty,” Xenis “Pinocchio” Set, Sherman Smith.
Collectibles: Alexander “Quints,” “Dr. Dafoe,” “Nurse,” “McGuffey Ana,” “Cissy.” “Cissette,”
“Madeline”; Effanbee “Patricia” and “Patsy”; Vogue “Toddles”; Ruth Gibbs boxed sets and wigged dolls; Boxed Ideal “Toni”’ “Sandra Sue”.

German Girls: Simon & Halbig, Bruno Schmidt, Bahr & Proschild, ABG, Handwerck, K & R, Kestner, and Kling 166, 167, 186, 131, 123, 373.
Schoenhut Dolls: Bye-lo, “Tootsie-Wootsie,” smiling characters, pouting characters, carved hair, toddlers, “Miss Dolly,” walkers.

Doll Houses: Blue Roof, Bliss, Tynietoy Farm House, Tynietoy Green House, 2 handmade antique houses, elaborate fencing; Tynietoy furniture and other furnishing, doll house accessories.
All-Bisques:  “Kewpies,” “Bye-los,” large and small Kestners, Mignonnette, googlies, characters, children, Hertwigs with molded bonnets and clothes.




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