Boston Harbor Auctions Two-Day Marine Sale

Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:00AM - Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:00AM
185 Purchase St
Boston, MA

Two-Day Marine Sale
November 9th
Former Possessions of J.P. Morgan with fine Marine Paintings and Other Antiques.
November 10th
The Pier 4 Collection
Over 700 lots of Nautical Antiques, Paintings & Decor
Possessions of J.P. Morgan:
- Rare silk flags from J.P. Morgan's beloved steam yacht "Corsair", including his New York Yacht Club burgee, the New York Yacht Club Commodore Flag, and a large Yacht Ensign; dating to J.Pierpont Morgan's 1899 tenure as Commodore of the yacht club with Corsair II and Corsair III serving as flagship.
- Fine Minton's porcelain and table linens from the Flagship Corsair
- From J.P. Morgan's wine cellar:
- a 1795 Ne Plus Ultra "Cognac from 'Bin 183",
- an 1804 Fine Champagne Cognac,
- an 1838 La Flor Madeira with a label reading: "From the Cellar of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1837
- 1913, A Souvenir to his Friends, 1915"
- A rare Teapot from J.P. Morgan, Jr's Herreshoff built commuter yacht "Navette.
- Ship Models of "Corsair II" & "Corsair IV"
- A painting by PJ Clays that J.P. Morgan presented to the winner of a New York Yacht Club
annual cruise on Aug 7, 1897.
Marine Paintings by JW Carmichael, Louis Dodd, James Harris, Isaac Sailmaker and others.
The Pier 4 Collection featuring the decorative contents of Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant; an
institution on Boston Harbor for over 40 years frequented by celebrities such as Elizabeth
Taylor, Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra among others. The auction will also include items from
founder Anthony Athanas' private collection.
- Builder's Model of the Dahlgren Cannon
- Fabulous Ship Models
- Over 400 lanterns, 24 telegraphs, 20 binnacles....
- Sternboards
- Figureheads
- Portraits
Full catalog with descriptions will be ready by October 9th.
Phone bidding, left bids, online bidding and live bidding available.
For more info visit:
Contact: Larry Lannan • 617 451 7447 •
Two-Day Marine Sale: November 9th and 10th, 11 am. 185 Purchase St. Boston, MA 02110
MALic 2428
185 Purchase St. Boston, MA 02110
Antique Waterline Model
An authentic name board from the famous fishing vessel Emma C. Berry built in 1886,
with original paint
Over 400 lanterns! Many Engine Order Telegraphs
Steam Yacht Model of "Aphrodite"
Original builder's model of a 7", rifled, muzzle
loading naval gun of the design of Admiral
Thomas Dahlgren.
J.P. Morgan's Commodore Flag from "Corsair", 1897
J.P. Morgan's Yachting Ensign from "Corsair"
Sealed bottle of "La Flor
Superior, Vintage 1838,
Madeira". Imported in
1864 by McIlvaine &
Baldwin, 11 Pine St. New
York with important
provenance label: "From
the Cellar of J. Pierpont
Morgan, 1837 - 1913, A
Souvenir to his Friends,1915".
Oil on canvas of Barque "Jane Blain" by William Clark
Nineteenth century figurehead
Monumental Marine oil by J.W. Carmichael

Lot 138: J.P Morgan’s Commodore Flag, one of three special silk flags from J.P. Morgan’s ‘Corsair’.
Lot 155: P.J. Clays painting presented by J. Pierpont Morgan in 1897 for a New York Yacht Club sponsored race. A bottle of Ne Plus Ultra cognac and two vintage bottles of Madeira from J.P. Morgan’s private cellar
Lot 497: Figurehead of a lady from Anthony’s Pier 4, one of several
Lot 171: Isaac Sailmaker oil on canvas
Lot 141: Collection of Samuel Lowe
Lot 191: Rare, double frame sextant by ‘Troughton, London’.
Lot 651: Fine cased model of the twelve gun brig ‘Bainbridge’
Lot 121: Builder’s Half Model of a schooner
Lot 199: POW carved pocket watch hutch, c. 1800
Lot 164: Gatling gun by Colt
Lot 117: 18th Century Portrait
Lot 165: 19th Century United States Naval One-pound Turret Cannon
Lot 175A: Large oil on canvas of a Marine rescue
Lot 175B: Oil on canvas by J.W. Carmichael
Lot 159: ‘Sellers’ wheel on stand
566 - Over 565 Authentic Ship’s Lanterns
Lot 222: Scottish school portrait from the mi 18th century of military officer James Birnie Hamilton
If you claim to be a nautical dealer and
you’re not at this auction, retire now!

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