McMurray Antiques Absentee mail/phone bid cataloged auction #53

Wed Oct 23, 2013 12:00AM - Sat Nov 16, 2013 01:00AM
McMurray Antiques & Auctions
PO Box 393
Kirkwood, NY

McMurray Antiques Presents our absentee
mail/phone bid cataloged auction #53
of Patent Medicines, Pills, Tins, Apothecary/Drugstore and Advertising items.
Saturday, November 16th , 2013 at 10:00 pm EST
Some of the highlights to include:
Labeled Patent Medicines: Nice selection of Label Pontiled Medicines = Carter’s Spanish Mixture, Rare, Dr. D. Jayne’s Life Preservative w/wrapper! Nice, Dr.Guysott’s Comp. Ext. Sarsaparilla, Dr. Barron’s Magnetic Pain Destroyer, Dr. Ordway’s Pain Destroyer, Wheatley’s Spanish Liniment, Spanish Pain Destroyer and Compound Syrup, Oldridge’s Balm of Columbia for Restoring Hair Phila, Craddock & Co. Phila., J.S Gregory Chemist, Dr. Rowand’s Blackberry Root Phila., M. Bally’s Lotion, Hurd’s Cough Balsam, Halsteads Magnetic Aether, And more!
Warner’s Log Cabin Cough & Consumption Remedy and Safe Remedies Co., Dr. Mott’s Magic Cough Balsam, Dr. Flagg’s Cough & Lung Syrup, Dr. Tinkle’s Liver-Eze, M. Boyd’s Red-Hot Tonic (Sulphur Springs, Texas), Red Cross Headache & Neuralgia Remedy, Nice, Absolute Parasite Exterminator, Wheeler’s Nerve Vitalixer, Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery, Dr. Mile’s Heart Treatment and Cactus Compound, Moxie Catarrh Cure, Sure Dyspepsia Cure, Sulphume Skin & Blood Cure, Star Kidney & Liver Bitters, 2 sizes: Coe’s Dyspepsia Remedy, Lorrimer’s Hair Tonic, Milk Glass – Velvetina Skin Beautifier, Many with original boxes
Tooth Powders Tins: Riker’s Antiseptic Tooth Powder, Carnation Tooth Powder, Williams’ Dentalactic Tooth Powder, Listerine Tooth Powder sample, Sozodont Powder for the Teeth. Tooth Bottles: Rexall Tooth Wash, Dr. Whitney’s Pearl Tooth Powder. Lavoris Sign and early broadside for Dr. A. Snyder’s Electro-Magnetic Tooth Drop.
Other tins: Dr.Worden’s Female Pills, Scott’s Blood Tablets, Make Man Tablets, 2 different Acker’s Dyspepsia Tablets, Lg. Size Robert Pierce’s Pennyroyal Tablets, Dr. Chase’s, Dr. Hobson’s, Perkins Carbolic Salve, 5 lb. Store tins: Mrs. Dinsmore’s Cough Drops, Mellor & Rittenhouse Licorice Lozenge, Litholine Petroleum Jelly. Group Lots! Pills: Complete case = Ballard’s Golden Laxative Pills, Complete case =
Lydia Pinkham’s Liver Pills, Dr. Kilmer’s Purilla Pills, Dr. Harter’s Liver Pills, Dr. Whitehall’s Rheumatic Cure, Gilmore’s Neuralgia Cure, Wo-Wo Tablets, Velvetina Face Powder and Freckle Cream, Humphrey’s & Munyon’s Homeopathic group lots and more!!
Apothecary: Fabulous Porcelain “Leeches” Jar, Nice, Ceramic portable Leech carrier, Great, Diamond Pattern stacking showglobe, Scarce, Handled Urn Style counter showglobe, Label under glass Apothecary jars in clear and cobalt blue, Porcelain Drug Jars, Tin lid blown Store Jars, Nice, No. 25 Whitall -Tatum Tablet Machine, Cast Iron 1 Qt. Tincture Press w/original paint, Maw & Son Brass Scarificator, Wood: Pill Counter, Quassia Cup, Seidlitz Measure and Pill Rounder, Wood & Brass Pill Roller, Ceramic Pill Tile, Tin Suppository Mold, The Celebrated
German Medicator and more!!
Veterinary: Nice, Dr. Claris Kronkine Jug. Rare and Early = Glover’s Imperial Dog Remedies sign. Labeled bottles = Dr. C.N Barber’s Worm Eradicator, Humphrey’s Carbolic Healing Powder, Dalley’s Galvanic Horse Salve, Dr. Turnbull’s Procratine for Impotent Stallion’s, Dr. Bell’s Veterinary Wonder, Dr. Daniel’s Fleeko Cat Comfort. Packages = International Heave Remedy, International Distemper Remedy, Peoples Poultry Remedy, Capitol Poultry Remedy, Dr. LeGear’s Stock Powders and Heave & Cough Remedy etc… Tins: Campbell’s Horse & Foot Remedy,
Pratt’ Scaly-Leg Ointment, Spratt’s Dog Capsules for Ascarids, 2 unusual Gopher Poison Tins etc….

Books: Nice, 1874 VanSchaack Druggist Catalog, 1877 McKesson & Robbins and a good selection of reference books.
Advertising: Signs: Rare, Embossed Tin Schenck’s Mandrake Pills, Nice, Tin Litho Perry Davis Pain Killer (Jungle Scene), Green’s August Flower /Boschees German Syrup Reverse Glass Clock, Porcelain - Dr. Hobson’s Eczema Ointment (Mortar & Pestle), Cole’s Peruvian Bark & Wild Cherry Bitters - Porcelain, 2 different Ramon’s Pills signs, Nice, Green’s August Flower Shut the Door Sign with image of Uncle Sam, etc…
2 Different LUG Counter Jars for: Foley’s Kidney Pills and Dr. Simmon’s Compound Aspirin Laxative Tablets For Pain, Ex-Lax Thermometer, Cast Iron SSS For the Blood String Holder, Pocket Mirrors = Red Dragon Seltzer and a Zam-Zam for the Cure of Constipation, Incised Stoneware = Wm. Radam’s Microbe Killer, Nice selection of wood shipping crates and more!!!
For a fully illustrated catalog with color pictures send $15.00
to: McMurray Antiques & Auctions,
P.O. Box 393, Kirkwood, N.Y. 13795.
Phone (607) 775-5972. or Phone/Fax (607) 775-2321
Post auction price list included.
I am currently accepting quality items for future sales.




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